Imagine the Future

Starts from October 03, 2018


Some creative ideas that I would like to create/see in a distant future.

10/14/2018 02:54

Gazing-aware Design

UI designs with gaze-tracking research. Psy-research needed.

11/25/2018 20:10


Singing transferring or singing generation. (ongoing)

12/04/2018 03:33

WCA analysis

Analyze the relationship of WCA dataset

12/18/2018 02:54

Association Learning

A universal architecture for cognitive learning by learning the association:

  • (Sub)Concepts are associated and there are might be some latent concepts between two observable ones.
  • Surprise causes changes.
  • Memory decays by time and enhances via usage (or dream).
  • Structures evolve and function differently.

01/24/2019 12:32

Mask-removal Design

Three components: the mask layer and the content layer, and viewers.
The mask layer has holes that can hide some information of the content layer. Viewers can only observe the content layer at the beginning. Viewers also have to fill those masked content with imagination. Then we remove the mask to show the content. The revealed content has to be unexpected to surprise viewers.
This is a competing training procedure (adversial-training like). The essential component is the mask layer. It can show which part of the image contains the most unpredictable information.

02/24/2019 00:49

AI with Mafia(狼人杀)

AI can deduce/deceive with language (mixture of truth and lie)

05/05/2019 13:39

Game Ideas

- 4D game (e.g. Miegakure)
- gamer can store/load checkpoints; only store partial of the scene is modified

05/05/2019 22:59

transparent screen extension

A transparent glass/plastic board with a project bar to display information. Can be attached to the top of the screen or as a pad.