Rasberrypy: A handy Python library for Rasberry Pi

Posted on April 14, 2017

I am developing a Python library for Raspberry Pi Model 3B in Raspbian. You can check my GitHub repository for details.

Currently, it includes some useful modules:

  • Control
    • Myo
  • Display Module:
    • LCD 1602A (16 col * 2 row LCD screen)
    • Neopixel
  • Motor Module:
    • L289N (standard TT motor driver)
  • Network Module
    • Standard Wifi
  • Sensors
    • GY521(MPU6050) (temperature, gyroscope, acceleration)
    • HC_SR04 (ultrasonic distance detector)
    • Infrared distance detector
  • Utility
    • GPIO wrapper

It also provides some demo application(s), including:

  • Motion Monitor
    • It reads information from GY521 and displays on a website dynamically. Python-Flask is required to execute.