Posted on August 12, 2018


OpenPlace is a handy application that can help people searching places in an easier way on a web-page (based on Angular5) or Android. The user can search for places (e.g. "pizza", "gas station") near them or near a given location. They can also store the result for next visiting. Moreover, the user can further check the information, photos, reviews, and direction with one click.


The frontend is built with Angular 5 to ease the data-view binding and bootstrap 


  • Use Angular 5 to implement the binding between the data and the view.
  • Use AJAX to enable the frontend to communicate with the backend seamlessly.
  • Use Bootstrap (3) as the frontend design.
  • Use local storage in HTML5 to store the favorite places.


  • Use NodeJS with Express to host a light-weight backend.
  • Use Google Places API/Yelp API to search for places and reviews.
  • Use Google Map API to show the direction.


  • Use the phone’s realtime location to conduct a search.
  • Provide a sharing interface via other apps.
  • Connect with the Google Maps (if installed) to provide more details.