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Record my life

01/01/2018 00:00


A new year resolution that I might or might not give up :P

01/01/2018 00:00

2018 January

  Bonny Doon Beach 17-Mile Drive/Wet Aquarium/Scallop Ball J+C Seat/Dual RL TCN/SNACK
Dual RL/Late night Unity ML-agent SO MUCH schedules Mujoco Hack Mujoco/ Salty Pepperoni Scary Vermont at 1 am Zzz
My agent learns to use bug So  hard to block the ball Reach to catch Fixed » random Refactor all Surf & Turf Porridge
Pentatonic Scale Freekick freekick Achoo Airborne Sneeze Vomit :( “AI Solver”
25 Grids Multivariate Guassian Hmm. Failed Sample? super lonnng LaTeX      

02/01/2018 00:44

2018 February

        Power-flow study Cornerstone/WestWorld BDay
What she likes ML HW with poor quality Exh 8000+ lines?

MeihaoShiwu (song)

Mapo dak galbi TCN works
PHP Kernel LR Finally get a full sleep Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Stairwell videochat
3 dues today XML ISP DNS wanna work stressed-out not fast enough


broke -116-generic

It cannot pick self-doubt Optical flow takes forever - Decision    

03/13/2018 00:00

2018 March

          Phhhhu Startup vs Chinese
EA SEED Resume Bday Fm/DbM/AbM/EbM Leeeeetcode Wasted Souler/maternal immune activation
? Confusion Jevois/Alive Curacao (Konan) MEC/ML MEC SVM Dual
Angular/ES6 Angular Angular Angular Angular 1st course of treatment EM
MLL vs MAP Alpha motor neuron 2nd day  毛不易 Scale/Interval/Chord Confused

04/02/2018 19:08

2018 April

Vacation Bbmaj7 MAAI Equal Temperament z ML Brainstorm/Java Interface
(SHUDDERS) ΔFosB/Coolidge effect String.equals!!?? F/C First Chord Progression Climbing Tickets
C7omit3 BOA SoulMate Bomb in Palm Sister and Brother One more in life Echo/ Pop canon chord progression
Future for two I20/dirt Tiger x Dragon


Dirty Solutions for distance Back to Engr
Balancing! Tomato by tomato          

05/08/2018 13:08

2018 May

    Ab Major Voice chat All done! LAX Flying
Rainnnning take-out food Lab meeting/new glasses Malmquist bias Clinic/Fighting as a couple Avengers Protobuf
Windy Nanting Pingpong Furnace Demo Furnace TU Delft sleepy
Xiamen/FDDM Xiamen/FDDM Div2 C-F-G-C Farewell Hotpot Search year and KM 24 h flight/violin plot
101 Jet laaaaag Wework/Maai Failed IAF Torch    

06/04/2018 17:24

2018 June

          Jazz Bar catch a cold
Crash my desktop/ Ubuntu 18.04 AI-on.org Embedding Trello hinder Another week! 50 days
overfit first

Running man/Backup

yamibuy Take it for granted laioffer bianbian from start
pythonic curry sleepless disscusion python slice servlet closure/control
S.H.I.E.L.D Tobii redesign seq2seq wa swapping midnight oil  

07/17/2018 23:00

2018 July

旧词 Back to Field dangerous night chicken soup Batch of exp GAN promise
AWS opencv miss u 15 hours/day keyboard


Blog update Blog update Material Design nah Fight/React 参鸡汤 小海
? life circle method one meal marathon castle integral on soul React
比心 lol DP/

08/01/2018 00:00

2018 August

      IntelliJ :( SSN 4 classes
chicken breast VI-VII-III-I-VI-VII-Isus4-i/5-2-1-2-3 《这是你想要的生活吗》 Broken Devastated B major/毛不易 Black Mirror
Hypothesis Testing openplace react-reader zz 《猜不透》VI-VII-v-i-VI-VII-III K-town Haircut/大猪蹄子 Early match
Another one planning Naked Statistics SQL Long talk teammates Rubik
pick up sicked porridge return/Mike KMP Ant-man  

09/01/2018 00:00

2018 September

cold ? toradora DP day Resume Proposal broke?
zzz hotpot/spark depression paint rng/toradora graph leetcode contest
segment tree A* pull-push rec system min-max GAN 356 Air SM p2p chord/stomache
z Exam Lintcode ladder dissertation/defense py/refer Submit Boosting/XGB/LightGBM
spark pet            

10/07/2018 02:47

2018 October

  6 line/bisect career fair / headache min-max 中国式家长/whiteboard “❤” 168 fail on DP
李兰迪 KeRec 快把我哥带走 DNF review 我不是药神/LC 321/LC 803 rushing notebook weekly contest
HDFS+Yarn+Spark totally crashed/nothing worth trying Kafka/Streaming Google OA/ course ends weekends feels longer 椰子冻/2 weeks Negativity
Rest stye start the `brief notes` exp logic Phone Int with TuSimple The Purge Neats and scruffies
z z appointments Haircut      

11/01/2018 14:23

2018 November

        Lina/Mock Google Long Talk climbing
DP: bottom-top or top-bottom? ING/drunk egg/Flink

Google Sheet


《所以来吧》 urge Just realize/林远
I still want you Plan? Google Upper respiratory infection 《至此》 Offer/Painting Dizzy day
易遥 Onsite noti Rush Fahrenheit 451/Slience day 房东的猫跨年祭 Black Friday 3days
hello? finals give yourself a break 房顶的猫 Paint Poster  

12/02/2018 18:11

2018 December

Phone “Friends” filtering Fringe Fringe/历历万乡 Broke? 学习 雪碧/阿胖
San Jose G Onsite Fddm / Tatto LA 小半D# lol
“Death”/ 奇葩说S05E23 Strong/Fringe S02E18 “White tulip” Packing Packing 14h Flight/Paint 成都/kexin


Haircut maybe it's the best/Prof. Qiu 胖虎/Friends/Xmas 深圳/小鹿/子林”Bday” 阿蓉/#001 tattoo/wq #001
武汉/Snow/中南财经政法大学 房东的猫/乌鱼龙争鹄立          

01/01/2019 00:00

2019 January

    新微博/#001 汕头/argue family reunion/桃子 #001 chords pingpong/#001 arrange
By/密室 weishi families Fllllllight/exhuasted unpack/#001/Operating System gMatch! 温芯/broke P71B
Fail NetEaseMusician Twin site

#001 release/

狗十三 rainy z 沐笙#001
#003 windy #003 Offer! z Hunter+Yz #003
z z boa z Rainnnnnny    


02/01/2019 04:08

2019 February

            stuck with#007/IOron

Lunar New Year/Hotpot/Iron Man



Broadcast/fruitful Transformer K-town barbecue/
5h broadcast~
woke at 8
Apt-get update is a mess/westworld worst haircut CS402/workhard/Qiao/世界奇妙物语/yqq rainy/hungry/yqq golang/code weaving/Inside No.9 Inside No.9/ React with Firebase Inside No. 9 Halloween Special/looks like a deal now


晴转阴 Start living/

Start living 2nd day/
new monitor stand

开始画色彩/遗憾啊 焦俊艳/学习是我女朋友:)
楼上练琴的男孩 ? os402/极品家丁 OS402/spicy hungry/painnnnt    

03/01/2019 15:14

2019 March

          6D to prep/firebase/sync movie


firebase/paint firebase/os402 os402 test test test rainy BDay lol 流浪地球/想吃牛河

failed paint

pizza/deep talk (yram)/天真无邪 Seattle/delay/吃到牛河 暴走 Sunny Seattle/ Captain Marvel 绿色 Auto Chess/无双 yram/drunk/Auto Chess
Auto Chess Tax/W-8BEN AutoChess 402 revise 半岛海鲜酒家 都挺好 z
厚涂 --- --- --- --- --- ---
calypso colada (pineapple &coconut)            


04/02/2019 00:24

2019 April

  cook/living --- tax done 402/ trouble some vnode 29 dreaming sleep/cleaning day Yram/雨蝶
so late SHIELD --- Qiao good pace/相依为命 paint class sleep day
miss zilin awful haircut 扇贝 --- #009 很女子 林远/dream
NBA/Warrior 402 402 402 done!/pt_unmap/cool as a cucumber teammatch hr   sleepy
little tokyo/甜约翰/留给你的我从未 carnival 3000 times/想吃卤肉饭了/sai        


05/28/2019 18:01

2019 May

      sai/卤肉饭 sai/tomato chicken breast


411 lunch 402 Final final/VOI/yram at SYR #008/#010/#011

last ralphs?

graduate!!! runnning/cu wwp
piano/runnnn/练字 sai/ mac box/portrait boba/sai/colding …/#012 …/Big Bang/”alone” alone/yinlvwu #012/all done/newtone (fl studio)
synced sleep/#012/disappointing teammates #012/yinlvwu/no pig ear T_T #012/Northern caffe #011 yinlvwu/#014 #014 #004
take a break?/#014/bilibili/Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (hhhhhhhh) Dry Pot/sai stomach/real me/sleepy sunny/#014/platinum uscis/marble machine/math rock/dr strange seafood/nth to do/北野武的小酒馆  


06/01/2019 13:40

2019 June

            小王子/#013/buy ABJ&AGP
lost a souler/V for Vendetta/#013 iv-VII-V/#013 cleaning/booking/going home! flight flight/bitter melon 端午/粽子/宜家 haircut/#018/
蹦蹦蹦床/ZnCu,DCR,JWQ/地铁智障/感冒/xinyuan 最好的我们/解忧杂货铺/yram 感冒宅/唱作人/红烧肉 sick day off/#018 team match/弓/facial/Qiao team match/房东的猫/子林 #018/短路/客家菜
日落谷/乐队/Qiao 有轨电车/UNIQUE/弓夫/小草 广美/被放鸽子/avalon 1-day rush 体检/12yr-琪/决战慕尼黑 #018/facial/ #017/family Yram/日落谷/乐队/Qiao
rainy/计一 #017/ziwei

lab meeting/last night

flight/Amazin Grace #018/#017/moving plan #016/sleepy #016/sleepy/披星戴月的想你(魏嘉瑩)


07/01/2019 18:31

2019 July

  JY/mailing/haircut/披星戴月的想你(魏嘉瑩) mailing/”missing” purse/last time at dinning car-USC-Citypark/二零三/Match! To SJC!/Xia Yang/Ikea/Queen Bed/Walmart/sleepless 24 hr/余生相 Sunny Sunnyvale/L-Shape Table/New tower/Vege is good/#016/余生相 “mountain view”/smelly lake/# NR&YXJ/red curry
Spiderman/Passion fruit 大姐姐/dmv fail/UPS finally swim/明日之子/公众号/#001/yue sleepy/#020/reggae/tokoyaki sleepy/#020 dmv :(/secondary dominant/USC@Google jog/hunter/#022
basketball/#022 noogler/humanity/plex to cl4/exh email flooood/assemble coding/乐队/#022 ARIA Cello/#022 teammats L5s/guochun/coding/brog failed?/no dinner @ G 椰子鸡/private pool/rtpMIDI/vocaloid/言和
#023/710 birdxx/ oversleep/mumupot/乐队 “oncall”/deprecated doc/#023 docdocdoc/SYSU@bay/#023 Japanese Curry 1on1/late hakuna matata/the lion sleeps tonight/乐队/一场游戏一场梦(新裤子)/头上的包(刺猬)
refactor my desk/Chappie (colin phils)/回答(张钰琪)/嘘(李泽珑) refactor/drums productive/dream叶禹含 offsite/team      

08/02/2019 22:03

2019 August

        exhuasted/#024 exh/cl/mac friends/thai supermarket
Zoe/cubase 5h sleep/super-productive/乐队的夏天 bug fixed/troublesome bluetooth exh/七夕 lolhhhh midnight class vocal strip done
sleepy/S-day Swimming/troll build sth/ ???/no troll Coding/Sully coverage/drums/sweet talk #014
#014/sleepy 寄生虫 troll/ overtime stress/moving internal test/ my first tests sing own song/
小欢喜 小欢喜 byebye hy sleep at 8 - everyone is ooo SEphone achi/shield

09/09/2019 20:25

2019 September

arrangement sleepy visualization/sleep+蒲公英的约定 轨迹 搁浅 SF Pier!/team offsite blog
轨迹/海浪 deca joins 轨迹/2000 for 留给你的我从未/26 days is bottom/3h music 连环噩梦 soul phone so exhuasted/late night walk 烤鸭!/#028 爱生活要早起/precision
#028 ooo 星辰集 淘汰 ? ? failed twice lol/berklee
#025/#025b/the fin redbull/done nothing redbull again rebull*3/#030 5/4? 9/8?


红Love #030/哪吒
599 team assemble/奶茶/火锅/lost phone on Uber amazon lost again          

10/06/2019 23:12

2019 October

    ipad pro/spending table ur22 ipad pro! 1:1/ rush homework/outdoor learning

They know my name/you must to treat it as a hobby/大护法

虾粥 retrospection/pear/ ? 烤鸭/The Intern mimimi mamama outdoor composing/#033
sleepy/spending time on todos is good 6:12 bus??/drums vocal+drums buggy day/solve!/声入人心 long talk offsite/ditto spiderman p3/8h vol?
#037 #037 #037 #037 finally it works #037停水 #037
#037 submitted... Insomnia Insomnia/#017 vol perf vision check    


11/03/2019 22:11

2019 November

          delayed bus     #017/life
an extra hour/hyue late night graphviz seminar! blocked by others tired Hanyue
Basketball/#039 sad false alert Basketball/#039


sleepsleep casual weekend ticket!
rest long dark path/late 1 hour commute/Nice dashboard! talks talks dumplings ❤️flight
Whiteley/Chelsea market/The High Line NYC-9TH!!/wrong metro/bed for bed buggy morning/黑猫警长//Hemispheres/steak@La Place working remotely works/steak! WTC/pratt/少年的你 Yayoi Kusama/GoogleNYC/Lego 边仔/soho/做饭


12/03/2019 22:01

2019 December

farewell leftover/令人心动的offer/整理 unfrozen/ be blocked ??? joker/花儿乐队 三杯鸡/睡觉
虾面/hunger game ticket again final new course! #041 broken fluro lights/new task 当面被听歌
#041 hard sharing ? gaze too many nuts OKR~ lego friends/圆桌派-熟人社会/圆桌派-原生家庭
❤️delayed a day at NYC-9th 烧鸭饭/big tree/vitamin C central park/general taose chicken/pua 冷暖人生 spring roll/supermarket 早餐/cooking spyscape/小丸子/shuffledboard/argue
宅/午睡/奇葩说/pizzza 肠粉/frozen II/fever/龙猫 上海话/荡秋千/drunk guest -> ems        


01/01/2020 16:11

2020 Janurary

      rush boarding/mold wood ear loadtest mav@CL3/grocerrrry/music box/newborn wishing card     WFH/#041 #041/tft
#041/tft/time flies tft ? sad/rush design/hot tub #041/光·白 talks tft reader/旺仔小馒头/乖乖 海涛-梦辰
Lego/cute selfie read paper!/surprise visit/first Napa blogging organizing 7 am to work/rainy/here you are ❤️ cook zoo/tofo house
Stanford/mou Google/台湾小吃/年货/交流/~ new desk/奇葩说 page at 4/ pagessss/p0/焦了/包饺子 iurii/春晚 walking/central park/看房子/supermarket/坏掉的菜
fddm/宅/Strip/Myo/Lego/~ 三菜/Bday! #041/time to leave grandma headache database/panic #041

02/02/2020 16:07

2020 February

          database ABABA/panic #041/cubase
#041 wfh GVC at 6 places :)/stamp/up dizzy/basketball leetcode/ #044/tangyuan 等你的日子不值得一提
#044/walk/落落 Einstein 25/李永乐 sketch model/流浪地球 animation nap/berklee buzy/一荤一素/late uber hikinnng
#044 #044 late late for 201 shadow move day/青年警察/lsf吃lsf/ overloaded/phone night return/master/lufs
#044/#017/perf/诸葛大力 rest day/爱情公寓 还珠格格 配乐/headache missu/(葱油)面 盐酥鸡 corova outbreak/ e2e bass/whole food


03/01/2020 20:42

2020 March

sleepy/overwhelming delivery reorder/weee 爱情公寓/鼓琴 bass/只有音乐是我的解药 走近科学/talks talks bday/老歌 #044
iPartment WFH/酸菜鱼/香菇鸡腿肉 没有理想的人不伤心/another day WFPool/iPartment/let’s start! Circuit breaker/Letter/Tax #045/dad knows 良医/#045/told mom

bilibili?/sleep adjust/#048

meeting days


stomache/porridge valuable night/东东路


绿豆酥/酸菜鱼/restful weekend 绿豆酥/土豆丝 clumsy day/小火锅 小火锅 你曾是少年/地三鲜 tasks blues